Organic production logo is a certified organic company

We are proud to announce that tea-express-tea is Skal certified! Be assured: our organic teas truly are produced organically!

What is Skal precisely?

Skal is the only organic control organisation in the Netherlands, assigned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Tea-express-tea is certified to package and sell organic teas. Organic is a legally protected term. A product may only be called organic if the whole production process complies with legal regulations. In order to sell organic tea, we have to comply to the legal production process that is determined by the EU. This way, the consumer can be sure that an organic product really is organic.

Do you want to be sure that the organic tea that you buy is organic? Pay attention to the European organic production logo. This logo can only be used by organisations that are certified by Skal.

For more information about Skal Biocontrole click here

Bio certificaat

The European organic production logo
The tea-express-tea Bio registration number is 104086  NL-Bio-01

bio certificaat


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