Payment methods

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These payment methods for your online shopping are easy, safe and customer friendly.
There is no need to register anywhere before using these payment methods.
After receipt of your payment, your order will be sent.

Knab bank

Advance payment
Once you have placed your order, you are requested to transfer the amount to our bank account.
You transfer the amount due to our Knab account NL38 KNAB 0255 8931 75 Bic code KNAB bank is KNABNL2H
in the name of Ki-Line, mentioning your order number that is stated in your order confirmation. 
If your payment takes longer than 14 days, we are obliged to cancel the order unless you give us prior notification. 
Pay attention! If you choose this payment method, delivery time could be longer than is indicated in our webshop. The delivery time depends on how quickly you transfer the amount and how quickly your bank deals with the payment order.


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